Managing Company of the Future

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Course overview
The course aims to provide you with a comprehensive framework for understanding both the traditional principles of management inside companies today and the alternative principles that are becoming increasingly important.

It provides theoretical and practical perspectives on the nature of management in today’s organisations and companies of the future!
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Lesson series

Course Overview

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What you will learn from this course

Week 1

We will learn about the difference between leadership and management, and the reasons why we need to reinvent management as it is today.

Week 2

We will learn about traditional and alternative approaches to coordination and decision making, and how you can experiment with some of the new alternative ideas in your own company.

Week 3

We will learn about traditional and alternative forms of motivation and objective-setting and we'll find out how you can experiment with some of these new ideas in your own company.

Week 4

We will be analysing your company's management model and thinking about how to change it. We'll also be learning about different ways of enabling change and, more generally, how management ideas gain and lose currency.

Week 5

We will look at the manager as an individual and help you look at your own practice with tips and tricks for becoming a better boss.

Our students love us

Excellent content of the course, Very well explained each and every concepts using wide variety of examples, communication with students is excellent, assignments and quiz are very excellent.
I learned so much, about the right way to present a case analysis! Very meticulous and the community really care about what you put in your answers. This course deserves to be taken seriously!
I really enjoyed the course. Lots of information. The professor knows what he is talking about and he is very interesting to listen. Most of all, I enjoyed the case studies in the end of every module.
I will like to thanks Coursera and Professor Julian Birkinshaw. It was very well presented, a lot of examples. I had a technical background, Chemical Technician and I had learn a lot. Thanks again.
For insightful perspective on business management as whole from where it's been to where it's trying to go. The coursework from University of London was something I know I will benefit greatly from. 
Edward B
This course and the professor was definitely worth spending time on and learning from. For those that are looking for more certificate, I believe London Business School has a good name, the course title and course knowledge is strong. My rating 10 out 10 and can't wait for the next one.
Xing M
Meet the instructor

Julian Birkinshaw

Julian Birkinshaw is Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the London Business School, and Director of the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Julian's research focuses on issues of innovation and change in large multinational companies. He has published thirteen books including Reinventing Management and Becoming a Better Boss, and more than 80 articles in prestigious journals such as Harvard Business Review, Strategic Management Journal and Organization Science.

Julian is also active in management education and consulting, and speaks on a range of topics including management innovation, strategic agility, making innovation happen and corporate entrepreneurship. In 2013 he was ranked 39th on the Thinkers Fifty list of the most influential management thinkers in the world, and in 2014 he was named one of 'The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014' in the eponymous Thomson Reuters report.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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