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We make interconnected learning accessible for our learners. Our doors are open to the learners of all ages and any levels of experience. Our vision is to professionally develop individual performances and transform their careers by facilitating interconnected learning throughout our education ecosystem.
About LearnWAB

We make interconnected learning accessible for our learners.

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We will help you transform your professional career with our LearnWAB educational ecosystem

LearnWAB Educational Ecosystem

Transforming Learning

We live in an omnichannel world where knowledge and skills can already be taught through a variety of on-demand channels. LearnWAB reimagines that instead of learners going to a class to learn from a trainer, future classrooms will become a learning hub where people come together to learn, discuss and collaborate either in person or remotely.

In this new ecosystem, a learner might view a lesson at home after class on the TV or listen to it from the home speaker, then take a quiz on the smartphone or tablet on the way to classroom session. Back in class, the learner might talk about what they learned with their peers in a discussion facilitated by the trainer.

Each touchpoint serves as a knowledge and skills gateway that provides a different opportunity to learn, allowing learners of varying learning styles to acquire competencies at their own pace, reserving the classroom as a space for the exchange of ideas and collaborative learning. This is because real learning happens when individuals share insights with one another in the context of their own unique experiences and perspectives.

Thus, in the classroom, and elsewhere with the aid of digital and mobile communications channels, learners are constantly participating in one another’s growth and development. Rather than limiting its occurrence to just one or two specific settings, learning becomes more pliable and ubiquitous.

LearnWAB Educational Ecosystem

Learning for the Future of Work

The workforce of the future learns by doing. To achieve this, LearnWAB ensures that the curriculum aligns with the type of work individuals will encounter beyond the classroom in professional settings by working closely with the relevant industry to chart out meaningful developmental roadmaps. To optimise learning, LearnWAB incorporates experiential learning tools that encourages interaction and mirror real world collaborative learning environment.

The growing prevalence and application of interconnected learning means the workforce of the future will be able to adapt to a rapidly shortened business cycle and changing job market readily.

While the traditional school setup isn’t going anywhere for now, it remains a suitable integration to the ecosystem that LearnWAB envisage for the future of education and work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to professionally develop individual performances and transform their careers by facilitating interconnected learning throughout our education ecosystem.
We share our passion for impacting knowledge and skills with learners from all walks of life, regardless of their experience. All our courses are planned, developed and edited based on 3 core principles:
  • Our online courses start with a thorough explanation of the topic covered.
  • Our unique layout provides the best visual quality you can find in an online learning environment.
  • All our lessons are applied to common industry practises so that you understand how to use the theory in a practical context.

Trusted by Business and Industry Partners

Our business and industry partners play a pivotal role in propelling and contributing to our client’s performance and transformation plans through upskilling of the workforce, innovative implementation, raising operational efficiency and building overseas business networks.

Our students love us

"Course materials were excellent. The educators did a good job of communicating and making the courses easier for me. I definitely learned a lot."
wilson ang
"I was very skeptical of yet another online learning, but glad that I took up one class in LearnWAB. The interface was easy and not too much. Enjoyed my class will come back for more!"
Angela Wee
"A lot of useful courses I can select from. I also signed up the newsletter so that I can be kept updated on any new courses"

Our International Offices

Through our offices in Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Philippines, LearnWAB deepens partnerships and facilitates innovation and international growth.