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Cybersecurity Awareness
and Innovation

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About this Course

This course empowers students, professionals and the wider community to deal with cybersecurity attacks and risks focused on identity management and it is an introduction to the upcoming full course focused on cybersecurity awareness.

It provides a practical overview of challenging issues like identity credentials management and security, e-mail threats and web impersonation, or web hacking. In addition to this, you will have a practical appreciation of innovation applied to these concepts through an interview with a renowned expert in fraud and cybercrime. The teaching staff consists of Iván Pau, UPM researcher and expert in usable security, and Román Ramírez, hacker and cybersecurity expert.  

Your Learning

#Data | #Credentials | #Password | #Authentication

Learning will be carried out by introducing use cases related to cybersecurity incidents, in a way that ensures participants to get really involved in the course. You will easily acquire practical skills and be ready to face real threats in a digital world.

Course Syllabus

What you will learn from this course

Identity and Authentication

What is digital identity? What are credentials? Why are credentials so important?

Identity and social attacks

What are the main threats related with passwords? What are the best practices in password creation and management?

Protection basics for information and IT devices

How web hacking works, new trends and innovation.

The modern world: mobility and clouds

Cybersecurity Today and Challenges

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our students love us

Very informative and suggestive course regarding various areas of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship
It covers not only cyber security that we face daily, it also interviews big companies CSO and how to start up cyber security companies.
Foo J
If you have some knowledge about Cyber Security then it's not the course for you but if you are starting from zero then it's really a nice and interesting course
Muhammad U
Very useful and informative. Also this course is fun, the speakers are very professional on sharing their ideas. I gained a lot of knowledge about cyber security and pitching.
Reymar U
A​ good introduction course on Cybersecurity, bringing awareness of various daily threats across in a light and fun way. Highly recommended for organisations to use content in this course as a IT refresher course for all staff to be aware of cybersecurity risks.
Tan M J
Excellent course, really explains very well and gives real examples of how the theory works in the real world. Mainly, I like the first weeks with the 3 people better, as it feels very dynamic and interesting.
Martin E
Meet the instructor

EIT Digital

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Patrick Jones - Course author

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