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Create Your Future Now - Series A & B
Series A and B were designed with Rapid Success Techniques to help people live from PURPOSE! Taking an accelerated approach to high performance coupled with practical tools for self management, the objective of this Series is to empower people for the future despite uncertainties.

When Covid-19 hit the world with drastic changes, our environment was at risk. It was apparent we needed an internal overhaul. Many pockets of community were unable to cope. Anxiety and worry overwhelmed people who found themselves stuck because they had no tools for self management.

This Series provides simple tools to make change fast and re-direct the mind to clarity and new habits. Series A is focused on removing past negativity while Series B charges forward with tools to create a future with PURPOSE. The fastest way to learn is by having fun which is how this Series was designed. Participants will feel ready and resilient to face the future whatever the landscape.

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Create Your Future Now - Series A & B


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Series A - Self Tools to De-Stress, Build Resilience and Stay Focused

This course was created to help you cope during uncertain times where many have lost clarity, focus and confidence, not knowing the way forward. Work with your five senses to become highly efficient in making good decisions for better results, using NLP technology.

Being an accelerated learning model, you will turnaround your mindset fast, applying these tools to work-life balance and mental health. Get rid of anxiety and manage your state of mind especially in volatile situations. Eradicate negative emotions like fear of change where stress becomes a thing of the past.

This course is for anyone who would like to up-skill their mindset for heightened behavioural flexibility, regardless of the landscape they are facing. It is a fast paced, tightly packed series focused on cleaning out the past, ready to create the future.

Series B - Skills to Design Your Future-Ready Blueprint

Having attended to negativity from the past, you will progress to design a future from nothing. Start new projects with powerful NLP tools that provide steps to manifestation which will be yours to use forever.

Realise the power of your thoughts and how a little re-direction of your mind, can yield terrific results way beyond expectations. NLP cuts through age, gender, educational qualifications and focuses on being human. Feel motivated to go forward with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Strengthen the bond between mind and body so mental health improves to yield a more empowered mindset that will have you take on challenges that are presented, with full charge and motivation. This course is for anyone who would like to create a future with purpose.

If you wish to pursue your NLP journey further, progress to the Licensed Practitioner of NLP which is an international certification. This will provide you with tools and skills to lead life with happiness, greater certainty and powerful decision-making capabilities.

What's included?

  • 2 Series, A and B
  • 4 Modules
  • 35 Videos
  • 5 Hours of Learning!
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A thriving community

Our students love us!

I have just completed Sylvia's 4 week online course - 'Series A Create Your Future Now' and I enjoyed every minute of it. Sylvia is a passionate trainer and imparts her knowledge in a light, fun, and interactive way. I loved learning all the different NLP techniques and it was definitely an eye opener to realise how simple change can be if you truly want to improve any aspect of your life.

As Sylvia as your trainer, you will definitely feel reassured and comfortable to seek clarity and regain or improve your confidence in life. Thank you Sylvia for sharing all your knowledge and the wonderful stories during these 4 weeks.
Naela Abuli Motiwala, Teacher,
Kuala Lumpur
Sylvia is a highly competent NLP Trainer.  She applies skillful means in her coaching in that she is able to coach in the context of each Trainee. Sylvia's programs has been effective at transforming the way i work and relate to people.  I now feel much more confident in myself and have become much more proficient at connecting with and influencing others. Thank you Sylvia!
Larry Lim Teong Peng​, Singapore
Sylvia was experienced, knowledgeable and engaging in conducting her classes. She makes one at ease and stimulates their interest through clear communication, great energy and a lively tone. She helps the class attendees bond and so is able to facilitate open and insightful discussions. The class is thus incredibly effective in learning the basics of NLP, getting practitioner practice and understanding real life use cases.
Janney Yee, Business Owner, Singapore
This course gave a great overview of core NLP topics. Sylvia is a wonderful, very upbeat facilitator and is really passionate about sharing her vast expertise and experience in this area. Thank you for this introduction to some very powerful tools which I will be integrating into my daily life!
Mirabelle Yang, Student, Singapore​
I attended Sylvia’s 4-week online NLP course - Series A and found Sylvia to be a passionate trainer. This course involves working on yourself - exploring how you respond to situations, your belief systems , how to build rapport and how your positive thoughts elicit positive feelings and actions. It helps put you in control to go out and achieve your goals. The course comes highly recommended and you can be assured that Sylvia will be sharing abundantly.
Christina Keilthy, Strategy Consultant, Singapore
 I was simply blown away with Series A. In my pursuit to understand behaviour patterns and how to deal with them in a calm and practical manner, NLP was introduced to me. Sylvia Fernandes, my NLP Trainer, literally took us on a journey, providing us tools to overcome adversities in a mindful way. Her explanations were concise and presentation clear and to the point.  In Series B Sylvia shared valuable tools to coach and guide us to our journey of self. Learnings from the collective group helped open our thoughts and deepen our knowledge towards our purpose.
Supriya Ghosh, Hotelier, Singapore
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Janney Yee

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Friska Wirya

The NLP Series A and B course was really insightful as it did not delve in the content of a person’s personal / private issues. So I could work on negative patterns while still being in the online class with others. This point of working with context and process I found very useful. I can learn, share, apply & embed with the wider team at work, to supplement mindfulness that we already do. I felt this set the foundation for anyone to succeed and become a high performer.
What’s even more interesting with NLP is that it provides tools to target areas for self-awareness beyond Mindfulness and use that to help us in our career. This combination of both modalities is so highly applicable in the workplace for individuals and teams.
I like the way Series A and B were separated into 2 different segments. Series A was about attending to self now in the current state (eradicating blocks from the past). Series B helped me plan for the future, moving forward (creating from nothing). A lot of self-discovery that one can find either for career or at a personal level.
​Lorraine Angstetra
Operational Quality Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
Meet the instructor

Sylvia Fernandes

Sylvia Fernandes is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer who has trained with the co-founders of NLP. She started her business in Sydney in 2002 as a Behavioural Change Specialist and is now based in Singapore. She reinvented herself from banking to headhunting and is now an agent of change.

Her positive, driven and passionate nature can be felt in everything she does and all of these extend to helping others achieve results in their lives. She is a big motivational force in the lives of others and her natural talent with people gives her the ability to work with all levels in the organisation.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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