Coaching Future Coaches with NLP

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  • Facilitator
    Sylvia Fernandes
  • Level
    Beginner - Intermediate
  • Video time
    8 hours

Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools

LearnWAB Essentials - Coaching Future Coaches with NLP

Coaching Future Coaches with NLP is for anyone who would like to become a coach. If you are already coaching, this course will introduce you to the world of coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools.
This course is tailored for anyone who would like to coach to high performance. Designed in the format of 6 modules of approximately 30 - 40 minutes each, you will learn;
• NLP Coaching - Leverage Your Unconscious Mind
• Coaching - Mindset Change to Success
• Calibration Tools - Diagnose Present State
• Behaviour Flexibility - Work with Diversity
• Well Formed Goals - Make It Happen
• Coaching Fundamentals - Listening & Questioning

Coaching Future Coaches with NLP

This course creates a fundamental mindset for coaching to high performance. You will discover the art of changing behaviour for better results through the unconscious mind, bypassing conscious filters
Working with context rather than content, this is how results are accelerated and high performance is achieved. If you can change your mind you can change your performance!
We believe in learning by having fun so participants can be assured of enjoying the webinar as they experience and immerse themselves in this new technology of coaching. Applicable immediately to daily life whether it be work or family, participants will be amazed at how easily and quickly they can migrate to a new mindset and help others through change.


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Coaching Future Coaches with NLP is for anyone who would like to become a coach. If you are already coaching, this course will introduce you to the world of coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools.
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6 Chapters
20 Modules
21 Videos
8 Hours of Learning!
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Sylvia’s style of training is light, fun and humorous while delivering very deep messages. She has the ability to put participants at ease simply because she is confident of her knowledge.

She is an excellent facilitator who has very sharp listening skills and ​her intuition in fielding questions is second to none. She delivers content in bite-sized pieces so it is easily understood by her audience.
— Marc Hooi, CEO, Malaysian Life Re-Insurance, Kuala Lumpur
Sylvia Fernandes helped us significantly to ensure the team was well prepared and motivated for these tasks, which occurred over a two year period. Her professional approach and expertise to ensure the team was highly motivated and fully engaged has enabled us to deliver a fully successful outcome. ​Her friendly and open style, which appears to come naturally has contributed to this success and also made it a memorable experience.
— Gilbert Habets, Senior Project Manager, Brunei LNG, Brunei
Sylvia was involved in a project that I was running back in 2008 which involved inducting 21 new joiners to our business. Sylvia spent a short amount of time with each person and through this process I found her to be very professional and the insights she was able to provide on those involved in our project were very useful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any employee development related projects.
— Holly Cormack, HR Manager, CLSA, Hong Kong
I am excited more than ever! Participating in this program has broadened my scope for making sales through refining my skills. I can market and sell with confidence in the knowledge that I am already reaping the rewards of the techniques that I gained on the program. I didn’t realise learning could be so much fun! 
— Katie Stuart, Real Estate Sales, Gold Coast
NLP provides a model of well-developed techniques that deliver solid theoretical understanding for participants and most importantly, practical results that instantly improve ability and performance in any operating environment.
— Kevan Latty, Management Consultant, Flight Sergeant, Royal Australian Air Force, Sydney
I attended Sylvia’s “Leadership & Corporate Coaching” program in Bangkok and was impressed with her ability to work with corporate clients of all levels. Having come from the Asian Region and worked in Australia Sylvia had a mix of East and West that augured well for my Regional I.T. team.
— Jennie F. C. Chan, Director, Information Services, Asia, Philip Morris Asia Ltd
I have been in the sales industry for 20 years. I have always wondered what was missing. And then it all fell in place during the program. Behavioural flexibility! I am now also able to build instant rapport with my clients on an unconscious level – a powerful tool indeed. 
— Zoran Maksic, Sales Director, Sydney
Perfect. Many thanks for the time we spent together. I really enjoyed our coaching sessions and had actually forgotten how much I have grown since we started. I owe it totally to you! Thank you for being my guide throughout this time. I have lots to celebrate in life. 
— Rebecca Osmond, Business Development Manager, Sydney
Meet the instructor

Sylvia Fernandes

Sylvia Fernandes is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer who has trained with the co-founders of NLP. She started her business in Sydney in 2002 as a Behavioural Change Specialist and is now based in Singapore. She reinvented herself from banking to headhunting and is now an agent of change.

Her positive, driven and passionate nature can be felt in everything she does and all of these extend to helping others achieve results in their lives. She is a big motivational force in the lives of others and her natural talent with people gives her the ability to work with all levels in the organisation.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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