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LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle

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150+ Courses | Lifetime Access | 1200+ Hours | 100+ Resources | Tests and Quizzes

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150+ Courses | Lifetime Access | 1200+ Hours | 100+ Resources and Templates | Tests and Quizzes
Introducing the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle - your gateway to a world of knowledge and skill mastery. With over 150 courses, lifetime access, 1200+ hours of content, 100+ resources and templates, as well as tests and quizzes to challenge your learning, this bundle is designed to empower you in every facet of your personal and professional life.

Join the thriving community of 110,000+ learners who have embarked on a quest for continuous improvement and growth. Whether you're looking to enhance your administrative skills, supercharge your career development, dive into the intricacies of human resources, explore personal development, master the art of sales and marketing, acquire essential workplace skills, climb the ladder as a supervisor or manager, or even polish your Microsoft Essentials proficiency, this bundle has got you covered.

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Here's what makes the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle an invaluable resource

Comprehensive Content

With over 150+ courses spanning various categories, you'll have access to a vast array of knowledge and expertise. From mastering the latest software tools to honing your leadership skills, you can tailor your learning journey to your specific needs.

Lifetime Access

Once you invest in this bundle, you'll have lifetime access to all the courses and resources. This means you can learn at your own pace, revisit materials whenever you need, and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of knowledge.

Extensive Resources

In addition to the courses, you'll gain access to 100+ resources and templates that can be instrumental in your professional endeavors. These resources are like a toolkit that equips you with practical solutions for real-world challenges.

Assessment and Testing

To ensure your understanding and retention of the material, this bundle offers tests and quizzes. These assessments help you gauge your progress and solidify your newfound skills and knowledge.

Unbelievable Value

The LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle is an incredible investment in your personal and professional growth. At just $49 (after you apply the additional discount code), it offers access to content valued at SGD$10,000+, making it a cost-effective way to supercharge your learning journey.
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Don't miss this opportunity to join the ranks of 110,000+ learners who are committed to becoming lifelong learners. Whether you're looking to advance your career, build new skills, or simply expand your horizons, the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle is your ticket to success.

Invest in your future today and unlock a world of knowledge and opportunity. Get started on your journey towards skill mastery and personal growth for just $49 (after you apply the additional discount code) – a decision that will pay dividends throughout your life. Don't wait; seize this incredible offer now!

LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle

Discover the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle -

150+ courses, 1200+ hours of content, 100+ resources, and lifetime access for just $49 (original price SGD$10,000+).

Whether you're seeking career development, personal growth, or skill mastery, this bundle has it all.

Join 110,000+ learners on a journey of continuous improvement and seize this incredible offer to invest in your future today!

150+ Courses

1200+ Hours


Categories of Courses

Administrative Skills

The foundational competencies required to effectively manage office operations and support the growth of any organization. They encompass a range of abilities, including the below courses. Administrative professionals, including executive and personal assistants, play a vital role in providing support, ensuring meetings are well-managed, and utilising organisational skills to optimise productivity. 

Overall, mastering these skills is essential for successful administration and supply chain management, contributing to the overall success of any business or enterprise.

Career Development

It is an ongoing process that empowers individuals to shape their professional journey, enhancing skills and knowledge for success in the ever-evolving job landscape. It encompasses a wide array of topics and strategies, allowing individuals to excel in various aspects of their careers. 

 Career development is a lifelong pursuit, empowering individuals to continually enhance their skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities to succeed in their chosen careers.

Human Resources

It is the pivotal function within any organization, responsible for shaping a culture of success and ensuring that employees thrive. HR professionals play a multifaceted role, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities that impact the entire employee lifecycle.

Ultimately, the role of HR is to cultivate a harmonious, productive workplace where every individual contributes to the organization's success.

Personal Development

It is an ongoing journey towards self-improvement and the cultivation of essential skills and qualities that enhance one's life and career. In this holistic pursuit, individuals engage in diverse topics and practices to expand their mental, emotional, and physical capacities. 

Ultimately, personal development is about continuous growth and self-empowerment, leading to a more fulfilling and successful life journey.

Sales and Marketing

It is an ongoing process that empowers individuals to shape their professional journey, enhancing skills and knowledge for success in the ever-evolving job landscape. It encompasses a wide array of topics and strategies, allowing individuals to excel in various aspects of their careers. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your journey, sales and marketing offer a vast array of strategies and techniques to excel in the art of persuasion and business growth.

Workplace Essentials

Workplace essentials are the foundational skills and principles that contribute to a harmonious, productive, and ethical work environment. These crucial topics empower individuals and organisations to navigate the complexities of modern work life successfully. 

Ultimately, workplace essentials form the bedrock of a thriving, ethical, and well-functioning organization, where individuals and teams can flourish while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Supervisors and Managers

In the realm of workplace essentials for supervisors and managers, these professionals play a pivotal role in steering their teams toward success and ensuring the smooth operation of an organization. This category covers a range of topics and skills that are vital for leadership excellence. 

Workplace essentials for supervisors and managers aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead by example and create a positive, productive work environment. Organisations can thrive under their guidance while promoting the professional development and well-being of their teams.

Microsoft Essentials

In the modern workplace, proficiency in Microsoft Office is a fundamental skillset that empowers individuals to excel in their roles. The courses offer a comprehensive curriculum covering a range of essential applications, ensuring that professionals can leverage these powerful tools effectively.

Whether you're a beginner looking to build foundational skills or an advanced user seeking to master these applications, the training ensures you have the tools and knowledge to thrive in today's technology-driven workplace.

LearnWAB Signature

LearnWAB Signature courses are designed to help professionals future-proof their careers by gaining valuable knowledge and skills in various fields. 

These courses cover a wide range of topics and skills, aimed at helping professionals adapt to and excel in the rapidly changing landscape of work and technology. Each course is designed to equip learners with knowledge and skills that can be valuable for their careers.

Sneak Peek Into The Courses

The Art of Learning
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Develop your skills
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Read. Watch. Learn.
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Detailed Course Titles For Each Category

LearnWAB Signature

1. AI, Business and the Future of Work
2. Blockchain 360: A State of the Art for Professionals
3. Cybersecurity Awareness and Innovation
4. Design-Led Strategy: Design Thinking for Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship
5. Designing the Future of Work
6. Driving Business Towards The Sustainable Development Goals
7. Generative AI with Large Language Models
8. How to Manage a Remote Team
9. Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat
10. Know Thyself - The Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge (The Examined Life)
11. Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects
12. Macroeconomics for Business Management
13. Managing Company of the Future
14. Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential
15. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT
16. The Science of Success
17. The Science of Well-Being
18. Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies
19. What is the Metaverse?

Administrative Skills

1. Accountability in the Workplace
2. Administrative Office Procedures
3. Administrative Support
4. Archiving and Records Management
5. Basic Bookkeeping
6. Business Writing
7. Collaborative Business Writing
8. Executive and Personal Assistants
9. Meeting Management
10. Organizational Skills
11. Social Media In The Workplace
12. Supply Chain Management

Career Development

1. Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
2. Communication Strategies
3. Creative Problem Solving
4. Developing Creativity
5. Digital Citizenship
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Interpersonal Skills
8. mLearning Essentials
9. Negotiation Skills
10. Personal Branding
11. Project Management
12. Telework And Telecommuting
13. Ten Soft Skills You Need
14. The Cloud and Business
15. Time Management
16. Women in Leadership

Human Resources

1. Business Succession Planning
2. Contract Management
3. Crisis Management
4. Developing a Lunch and Learn
5. Diversity and Inclusion
6. Employee Onboarding
7. Employee Recruitment
8. Employee Termination Processes
9. Generation Gaps
10. Health and Wellness at Work
11. Hiring Strategies
12. Human Resource Management
13. Managing Workplace Harassment
14. Measuring Results From Training
15. Millennial Onboarding
16. Office Health and Safety
17. Sensitivity Training
18. Talent Management
19. Train-The-Trainer
20. Universal Safety Practices
21. Workplace Diversity
22. Workplace Harassment
23. Workplace Violence

Personal Development

1. Adult Learning - Mental Skills
2. Adult Learning - Physical Skills
3. Anger Management
4. Attention Management
5. Being A Likeable Boss
6. Critical Thinking
7. Emotional Intelligence
8. Emotional Intelligence at Work
9. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
10. Improving Mindfulness
11. Improving Self-Awareness
12. Increasing Your Happiness
13. Job Search Skills
14. Life Coaching Essentials
15. Managing Personal Finances
16. Managing Workplace Anxiety
17. Personal Productivity
18. Public Speaking
19. Social Intelligence
20. Social Learning
21. Stress Management
22. Taking Initiative
23. Work-Life Balance

Sales and Marketing

1. Body Language Basics
2. Call Center Training
3. Coaching Salespeople
4. Contact Center Training
5. Creating a Great Webinar
6. Employee Recognition
7. Event Planning
8. High Performance Teams Inside the Company
9. High Performance Teams Remote Workforce
10. In Person Sales
11. Internet Marketing Fundamentals
12. Marketing Basics
13. Media And Public Relations
14. Motivating Your Sales Team
15. Multi-Level Marketing
16. Overcoming Sales Objections
17. Presentation Skills
18. Proposal Writing
19. Prospecting and Lead Generation
20. Sales Fundamentals
21. Servant Leadership
22. Social Media Marketing
23. Telephone Etiquette
24. Top 10 Sales Secrets
25. Trade Show Staff Training

Workplace Essentials

  1. Appreciative Inquiry 
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Business Ethics
  4. Business Etiquette 
  5. Change Management 
  6. Civility In The Workplace
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Customer Service
  9. Customer Support 
  10. Cyber Security 
  11. Delivering Constructive Criticism
  12. Developing Corporate Behavior
  13. Handling a Difficult Customer 
  14. Networking Outside the Company 
  15. Networking Within the Company 
  16. Respect In The Workplace 
  17. Risk Assessment and Management
  18. Safety In The Workplace
  19. Team Building For Managers 
  20. Teamwork And Team Building 

Supervisors and Managers

  1. Budgets And Financial Reports
  2. Coaching And Mentoring
  3. Conducting Annual Employee Reviews 
  4. Developing New Managers 
  5. Employee Motivation 
  6. Facilitation Skills 
  7. Knowledge Management 
  8. Leadership And Influence 
  9. Lean Process And Six Sigma 
  10. Manager Management 
  11. Middle Manager 
  12. Office Politics For Managers 
  13. Performance Management
  14. Self-Leadership 
  15. Supervising Others 
  16. Team Building Through Chemistry 
  17. Virtual Team Building And Management

Microsoft Essentials

  1. Access 2016 Essentials 
  2. Excel 2016 Essentials 
  3. Outlook 2016 Essentials 
  4. PowerPoint 2016 Essentials 
  5. Word 2016 Essentials 
  6. Excel 2016 Expert 
  7. Word 2016 Expert

Common Concerns

Is this learning bundle affordable, and is it really worth the investment?

Invest in Your Future Wisely! We understand that budget considerations are important. However, think of the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle as a long-term investment in yourself.

For just $49 (after you apply the additional discount code), you gain access to knowledge worth SGD$10,000+. That's an incredible return on investment, providing you with lifetime access to valuable skills and resources to boost your career and personal growth.

Do the courses in this bundle align with my specific learning goals and interests?

Explore a World of Possibilities! While you may have specific interests, remember that a well-rounded skill set can open doors to unexpected opportunities.

Our diverse range of courses covers administrative skills, personal development, leadership, and more. You might just discover a passion or skill you never knew you had!

Can I find the time to complete courses in this bundle with my busy schedule?

Learn at Your Pace! We get it; time is precious. That's why our bundle offers lifetime access. You don't need to rush through the courses.

Take your time, pick what suits your schedule, and learn at your own pace. It's all about flexibility and personal growth on your terms.

Will I be able to balance my current commitments with the demands of these courses?

Fit Learning into Your Life! We know you're juggling multiple commitments. The beauty of this bundle is that it's there for you whenever you have a moment to spare.

Whether it's a 15-minute break or a weekend marathon, our courses adapt to your schedule.

Are these courses of high quality and will they truly benefit me as promised?

Quality Guaranteed! We take your learning seriously. Our courses are created by experts, and we stand by their quality.

If you're not satisfied within 24 hours, we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. We're confident that once you dive in, you'll see the immense value this bundle brings to your life.

Do I have the technical skills and equipment needed to access and complete these courses effectively?

You might worry about technical requirements or compatibility issues. Rest assured, our courses are designed to be user-friendly and accessible across various devices.

If you ever encounter technical difficulties, our dedicated support team is here to assist you promptly, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Our students love us

This bundle is a goldmine of knowledge! I've already completed several courses, and the lifetime access is a game-changer. Highly recommended!
Sarah K
The price is unbelievable for what you get. I'm enhancing my skills at my own pace and have already seen a boost in my career prospects. Thanks, LearnWAB!
John M
As a manager, I found the Supervisor and Managers courses extremely valuable. They've given me fresh insights and tools to lead my team effectively.
I used to struggle with public speaking, but the courses in the Personal Development section helped me overcome my fear. A life-changer!
The resources and templates are a hidden gem. They save me so much time and make implementing what I learn a breeze. Great addition!
This bundle is a lifesaver for anyone looking to switch careers. I learned new skills and was able to transition smoothly into a new field.
Maria LANE
The tests and quizzes aren't just for show; they really help you gauge your progress. They keep you accountable and motivated to learn.
I always wanted to understand more about AI and blockchain. The LearnWAB Signature Courses were eye-opening, and they simplified complex topics.
LearnWAB's Microsoft Essentials courses are a must for anyone looking to boost their tech skills. I'm now the go-to person for Office help in my office!
The LearnWAB Lifelong Learning Bundle has been a career game-changer for me. The courses on leadership and negotiation skills helped me land my dream job. Thank you!
I never thought I'd get so much value for just $49. The courses are well-structured, the assessments are challenging, and the community support is outstanding.
The diversity of courses is incredible! I started with Microsoft Essentials and ended up exploring personal development and AI. It's a one-stop-shop for self-improvement.
I appreciate the lifetime access feature. It's great knowing I can always come back to refresh my memory or explore new courses as my interests evolve.
The resources and templates have been a lifesaver in my job. They're practical, easy to use, and have made my workflow more efficient.
I'm impressed by the quality of content in the LearnWAB Signature Courses. They offer deep insights into emerging technologies and business strategies.
The bundle has been a valuable asset for my HR career. The Human Resources section is comprehensive, and I've learned how to handle diverse workplace challenges.
The LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle is like a treasure chest of knowledge. The price-to-value ratio is unbeatable, and I'm loving every minute of it!
I took the Sales and Marketing courses to boost my business skills, and the results have been phenomenal. I'm more confident in my marketing strategies now.

For a limited time!

One-Time Offer!

Here you go. Out of this world discount 50% off your LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle purchase if you use the code 'LTD50' at checkout!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle?

The LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle is a comprehensive package that offers access to over 150 courses, 1200+ hours of content, 100+ resources and templates, and lifetime access for just $49 (after you apply the additional discount code).

Can I choose the courses I want to take from the bundle?

Yes, you have the flexibility to select and take the courses that align with your personal and professional goals.

Is there a time limit for accessing the courses?

No, you have lifetime access to all the courses included in the bundle, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in these courses?

Most courses do not have prerequisites, but some may require basic knowledge in specific areas. Check the course descriptions for details.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs after purchasing the bundle?

No, there are no hidden costs or additional fees. Your one-time payment of $49 (after you apply the additional discount code) grants you complete access to all the bundled content.

Can I access the courses on any device?

Yes, you can access the courses on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, as long as you have an internet connection.

Do I receive certificates upon course completion?

Yes, you will receive certificates for each course you successfully complete, which can be a valuable addition to your resume.

What if I have technical issues or need support during my learning journey?

You can reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance with any technical issues or questions you may have. We are always ready to help!

Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the bundle?

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied within 24 hours of your purchase, you can request a refund. No questions asked.

How do I get started with the LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle?

To get started, simply purchase the bundle for $49 (after you apply the additional discount code), and you'll gain immediate access to all the courses and resources, allowing you to begin your learning journey right away.
Our great offer

LearnWAB All-In-One Lifelong Learning Bundle

Join 110,000+ others in the quest for learning!

150+ Courses | Lifetime Access | 1200+ Hours | 100+ Resources | Tests and Quizzes

The complete bundle will cost ONLY SGD$49 when you apply the additional discount code 'LTD50' during checkout.